Football Manitoba Air Quality Policy


  1. The purpose of this Policy is to inform athletes, parents, and coaches regarding air quality, and to give direction for Member Organizations, game officials, and team officials when outdoor air quality is poor.

Application of this Policy

  1. Specific individuals have responsibilities when air quality is poor. These individuals include:
    • Leaders of Member Organization
    • Game Officials
    • Team Officials

Information Regarding Air Quality in Relation to Football Activities

  1. The individuals listed in section 2 should be aware of health risks associated with physical activity amid poor air quality and should use the following guide for participant safety:
    • If the AQHI value is “3” or below; continue with practices and games as normal.
    • If the AQHI value is “4-6”; continue with practices and games while considering the following adjustments:
      • Reducing intensity
      • Reducing duration
      • Providing extra breaks
    • If the AQHI value is “7-10+”; reschedule practices and games to a different day or find alternative indoor facilities.

It is recommended that the individuals listed in section 2 check weather and environmental factors on game and practice days, including:

    • Current weather forecasts
    • Forest fires in your region
    • Local stubble burning
    • Sudden and dramatic changes in wind strength or direction
    • Proximity to major roads or highways or industrial areas


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