As the governing body for amateur football in the province of Manitoba, one of the jobs of Football Manitoba is to ensure that programming for youth players in this province meet a certain standard. This is assessed through several means; quality and certification of coaches, how the programming aligns with Football Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development plan, whether the program is doing what they can to ensure as safe a playing environment as possible, along with many others.

While we do our best to ensure that we allow as many opportunities for kids to play football as possible, there are some programs that ask for our sanctioning and we just can’t accommodate. When this happens, these programs will often still take place, with the biggest difference being that they are not afforded any of the benefits that sanctioned groups receive. This is not always understood by our members, many of whom assume that while they are participating in a football event, they are “covered” by their Football Manitoba membership. This is not the case.

Football Manitoba offers a level of insurance for members while participating in sanctioned football -related activities. This insurance is a combination of Sport Accident and Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies. In-depth details of this policy are available on our website, but essentially this covers players engaged in football activities for injuries that occur. This includes coverage for players competing out of province, while they are members of Football Manitoba. Members competing for or training with non-sanctioned programs and teams ARE NOT COVERED by this policy, even if they have current membership with Football Manitoba. Any insurance for these events must be provided by either the people offering the program, or by the individual participating.

In addition to insurance, Football Manitoba cannot guarantee that the coaches involved in non-sanctioned programs have any certifications or checks done, nor can we verify the motives behind the programs being run. Unfortunately, there are programs out there that are only interested in taking money from football players, and the experience won’t be a good one.

While we all know that football is constantly evolving to have a lesser risk of injury, it is still a contact sport played at a very high level of speed. Injuries happen, and rehabilitation, ambulances and things of this nature are very expensive. Outside of Canada they are even more costly to individuals. Please make sure that adequate coverage is provided for participants in whatever program you are enrolled in. If you have questions as to whether or not the program you are looking at is sanctioned, scroll down to review the currently sanctioned programs, or contact us at the Football Manitoba office.


To confirm the status of a sanction for a program you may be considering or participating in, please contact the Football Manitoba office to confirm the status of any event or program.




When considering participation in any football activity or program be sure that it is sanctioned by Football Manitoba. An event that is sanctioned assures all participants that the organization and programming meets all of the requirements to offer our sport injury insurance coverage to participants. In order to be sanctioned all programs must meet, but not restricted to, all of the following:


      • Coaches are certified and/or have the NCCP training required for the program being offered
      • Coaches and other adults have been cleared through a recent comprehensive background check
      • All planned activities are deemed to be age-appropriate for the age of participants
      • Safety measures will be followed according to Safe Contact guidelines and best practices
      • Tackle football events will have certified Athletic Therapists, physios or Trainers in attendance that meet current requirements for that position as set by Football Manitoba.
      • All program leaders have current Respect in Sport certification
      • The organizers must be members in good standing, or meet and follow the same requirements as eligible members.

If you are considering participating in any football program outside of our member leagues, clubs or schools, contact the Football Manitoba office to determine the program’s status regarding sanctioning.

Injuries of any kind sustained during a non-sanctioned event or camp are not covered by the Football Manitoba sport injury insurance.

3rd parties interested in applying for a Football Manitoba sanction may contact our office for a sanction application.