Team Manitoba



Calgary, Alberta
July 22-28, 2024

The Team Manitoba U17 program offers all member players age 15-16 the opportunity to experience true high performance training who may not be ready for the U16 and U18 programs.  This unique opportunity allows them to remain in our High Performance programs to further develop their skills and be ready for the 2025 High Performance programs.

All players participating in the Bomber Blue and Gold games, or attending the Free Agent ID Camp, will be automatically directed into the U16, U17 or U18 provincial team programs.

All members in Manitoba and North-Western Ontario born in 2009 or 2009 are eligible to attend the training opportunities for the U17 program.

Whether your interest is in representing Manitoba on the regional or national stage, or just to become a better player for your home program, all players will benefit from participating in the High Performance camp offerings along the way.

U17 Team Manitoba will compete against the three western provinces – BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

More details to follow.