Who can be an Official?

  • Anyone with an interest or background in the game of football (flag, touch or tackle)
  • Must be in reasonably good fitness
  • Must have a willingness to learn and work with others as part of a team

Why Become An Official?

  • Great way to stay physically active
  • Give back to the game of football
  • Stay involved in football
  • Serve as a role model or mentor and develop leadership skills
  • Meet new people and socialize
  • Work as part of a team
  • Work towards becoming a junior, university or professional official
  • Development opportunities at regional, provincial, national or international competition

Do Officials Get Paid?

Yes they do! Officials are paid per game at a rate, based on the level they are working. The higher you progress, the more you can make!

First Year’s Expectations

Your first year as an official involves a lot of learning. You will attend a 1-2 day Level 1 certification clinic and receive a uniform prior to any assignments. You will also receive a rulebook which will help bring you up to speed on how to officiate Canadian football.

As part of an officials team, your fellow crew members will be there with you every step of the way, helping answer all of your questions and make sure that you’re in the right position to make the call.


The MFRA is an association created in 2002 to provide officiating and time keeping services to the Manitoba Minor Football Association (MMFA) and the Manitoba Girls Football Association *MGFA) for the following tackle football divisions:

Crunchers (ages 8-9)
Atom (ages 10-11)
Pee Wee (ages 12-13)
Bantam (ages 14-15)
Junior Girls
Senior Girls

The MFRA is also responsible for the Football Manitoba Flag Referees that officiate flag football for all divisions, from age 7-17. The MFRA has approximately 70 members with varying degrees of skill level and is committed to insuring that youth football is a safe and fun environment for all participants in our communities and ensure that all have a fair opportunity to participate.

Information and forms available for Download:
Welcome to MFRA
Application for New Members
Clinic Information
Level 1 Online Course registration information

Don Van Achte president@mfra.ca 


Ron Alderson vp@mfra.ca 


Chris MacNeil treasurer@mfra.ca 


Pat Jacob refereeincheif@mfra.ca 


Larry Draho secretary@mfra.ca 


Bruce Graham memberatlarge@mfra.ca 

Krista Paradowski memberatlarge@mfra.ca 


The Manitoba Football Officials Association was formally established in 1951. Since that time it has been providing tackle football officials to most leagues within the Province of Manitoba. These leagues operate within the City of Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

At the present time, the MFOA provides officials and timekeepers for players aged 15 years and above. This includes local community club and high school leagues through to senior players competing nationally at the university, senior and junior levels. While we are an amateur association, we strive to maintain the highest officiating standards and thus conduct on-going training and development of our football officials through the delivery of nationally recognized training clinics. The MFOA is a member of the Canadian Football Officials Association (CFOA), Football Manitoba, and Football Canada.

The CFOA coordinates national training and development of officials through the production of approving training materials and evaluation procedures. This ensures consistent levels of expertise and procedures across the country, which is critical when officials and teams travel from one region to another. As well, the CFOA has the responsibility of maintaining the approved rule book, and for coordinating updates and changes to this book. It is a member of Football Canada.

Football Manitoba is the governing body for football within the province. It is ultimately responsible for administering all aspects of the game here in Manitoba. It is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the promotion of all those things that lead to excellence and participation in the sport of Football. Its main role is that of facilitator and arbitrator of football related matters. Programs and services of Football Manitoba are funded by Sport Manitoba. It is also a member of Football Canada.

WEBSITE: www.mfoa.mb.ca 


The Thunder Bay Football Officials Association consists of a group of officials who primarily officiate high school games in the City of Thunder Bay, ON.

Although they are not official members of the Thunder Bay Minor Football Association they also will assist with officiating minor football games in the area. If you are seeking more information or are would like to become a referee, please contact:

Steve Parry
Email: sparry@brokerlink.ca